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Mountain Winery Weekend Tour

Pyrenees Motorcycle Tour to Luxury Mountain Winery with Michelin Private Chef. (Can also be experienced in a high-end sports car, or comfortable luxury sedan).

What’s included:

  • Michelin-starred private chef
  • Visit to Castell d’Encus Winery
  • Top-end BMW motorcycles on custom tour route

€1'090/person Starting at:


Monastic Minerality: Discover the Rugged Priorat

A Priorat winery weekend getaway with boutique hotel, private chef, and helicopter transport (alternative, luxury vehicle or motorcycle).

What’s included:

  • Private chef show cooking with wine pairing
  • Helicopter transport
  • Monastery visit with luxury wine tour
  • Boutique hotel

€1'280/person Starting at:


Paella in a Secret Cove

Escape to a Mediterranean archipelago dining experience alfresco: phenomenal paella, great wine, and azure waters.  Leave the bustle of Barcelona behind as you skim over the water to tranquil northern tip of Ibiza.  Here you will relax to the calming sounds of the waters, enjoy perfectly chilled cava, and dine in an unforgettable setting.

What’s included:

  • Private charter flights
  • Chauffeur service at both ends
  • Spectacular views of isolated island cove
  • Four course meal with wine pairing

Enquire Starting at:


Spanish History from the Air

View Spain’s history from the air and from the trenches.  The region south of Barcelona was the site of some of the most intense fighting during the Spanish Civil War.  Learn how this dark time in Spanish history shaped the culture, the cuisine, the wine and the very landscape.

What’s included:

  • Flight in Civil War era fighter airplane
  • Aerial view of battlefield trenches and observation post
  • Wine tasting on historic battlefield site
  • Rustic lunch at local establishment
  • Chauffeured transport

€1'130/person Starting at:


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