Mountain Winery Weekend Tour STARTING AT €610 PYRENEES May 2020 - October 2020

Step back in time as you take to the skies in a fully restored Spanish Civil War airplane.  Gain deeper historic understanding of the intricacies of the war, the political complexities of the various allies, and the brutality of brother forced to fight brother.

War is terrible, civil war is tragedy.  Learn how this catastrophe shaped the local cuisine, wine, psyche and very landscape.

The tour is led by a former fighter pilot and diplomat, and emphasizes the importance of peace-building and reconciliation efforts around the globe, while also acknowledging that what every soldier longs for is a return to the normal of before: a glass of wine in an un-scarred land.  We toast the memory on both sides.

What’s Included

  • Flight in Civil War era fighter airplane
  • Visit and tour of battlefield
  • Wine tasting led by local winemaker overlooking trenches
  • Rustic lunch at local establishment
  • Chauffeured transport


One-day Excursion

9 am Departure to airfield
10 am Take-off for aerial tour
11 am Ground vehicle departs to battlefield
12 pm Battlefield tour and wine tasting
2 pm Lunch at rustic restaurant
4 pm Return to hotel


May 2020
June 2020
September 2020
October 2020

€1’130 – €1’320 per person


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