For a wine as unique as your fingerprint. YOUR WINE. MADE TO MEASURE


David has spent the past ten years living and working in prominent winemaking regions around the world. With a master’s degree in Enology and Wine Tourism, David brings his passion and training to bear on creating unique and memorable experiences for his clients.

Fighter pilot turned diplomat turned wine maker and educator, David understands that life’s paths are often meandering, and that a bespoke wine should reflect the author’s unique experience, background and personal preferences. Your bottle should contain your story.

David lives in Tarragona, Spain, with his wife, Lynn, and daughter Elena, where he also lectures at the University.

THE DREAM MAKERAndrew Halliwel

Andrew is an experienced Winemaker offering winemaking and wine consultancy services. He is also a Chartered Engineer and so looks at projects from a practical point of view and likes to work in an organised and professional manner.

Working in wine since 2004, Andrew has completed 18 harvests around the world and has excellent familiarity with all the key processes from harvest planning through winemaking to bottling and distribution.

With considerable international experience Andrew is able to situate wines and wine styles within a contemporary context, whether that’s with the aim of creating target styles in the winery or researching wines to put together a portfolio for export, restaurant wine lists or private cellars.

Currently based in Spain, Andrew knows the country and its regions well, but has worked all around the globe from Australia to Canada.


We take joy in the work we do, and are proud to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Adnan Maslo
Blue Orange CEOWhat a birthday! David organized a dinner out in the vineyards that took our breath away. Attentive to every detail, David ensured we were free to enjoy the afternoon and relax late into the evening. Thanks for this custom event, David!

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