We Bring the Story of Wine to Life

Our PhilosophyWhat We Do at My Vintage

My Vintage is dedicated to bringing the story of wine to life, wherever your preferences take you. Fundamental is the understanding that we are all genetically unique, and experience a wine tasting in particular ways. Further, our personal history and life arc provide the essential backdrop against which wine experiences stand out. My Vintage proposes a truly customized wine experience that acknowledges both of these aspects, and provides you with a wine experience as unique as your fingerprint.

Customize every aspect of a wine you already love to make a wine that is uniquely your own.
You’ll be proud of your wine-stained hands.

Our Philosophy

My Vintage puts you in the driver’s seat of a winery, chosen by you to match your particular taste profile. Select your new destination from the most prestigious winemaking regions of the entire world.

We believe that every person is genetically unique, and therefore has a singular experience with wine.  We make one-of-a-kind wines by providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


How We Do It

A personal enologist conducts a comprehensive assessment of your palate, aromatic preferences and personal history. Based on your inclinations, your personal enologist suggests several wineries that might match your taste.  Once you’ve selected a wine and winery you love, we begin the customization process, developing a plan to create a unique wine for you.


Best Practices

You are involved in every step of the process.  You learn how to care for the vineyard and you decide when conditions are optimum for harvesting.  Selecting a barrel is another important aspect, as this imparts character to your wine.  You decide how long to age your wine in barrel.  Bottle shape, cork length and label design, are up to you. Always with our guidance and support.

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