For a wine as unique as your fingerprint. YOUR WINE. MADE TO MEASURE
Take control of your dream winery as you customize your favorite wine.

A Bespoke Curated Vintage takes you on an immersive experience from plant to bottle to learn the process of winemaking.


Create a wine that is a testament to your style, discerning taste and unique experience. Demonstrate your profound understanding of all elements in your wine, from weather to style, which drove your decisions as you developed your signature wine – a wine worthy of your name.

YOUR OWN VINTAGEYour Dream Come True

The dream of owning a winery made real, but without the risk, time commitment, or paperwork. My Vintage puts you in the driver’s seat of a winery, chosen by you to match your particular taste profile. Select your new destination from the most prestigious winemaking regions of the world.

The Experience

Winter Pruning

Cut back last year’s growth to prepare the plant for the new season.  Learn about how this optimizes plant production and development, as well as the different styles used to prune.

Spring Maintenance

The vineyard faces important challenges during this delicate stage.  Check for pests, monitor bud burst, and rejoice with the flowering of the vine.  Learn how to respond based on traditional, organic or biodynamic methods.

Green Harvest

Growing conditions may cause the plant to generate enthusiastic leaf growth to the detriment of fruit development.  Learn how correctly-timed and intelligent intervention can focus energy into healthy fruit growth.

The Harvest

Idyllic excitement!  Learn how to determine when to harvest, along with appropriate hand-harvesting techniques.  Labor with the team in the vineyards, work in the lab to culture your yeast, and enjoy the cool cellar during fermentation.  A well-deserved team dinner, anyone?

Barrel Ageing

Barrels provide unique aroma and flavor components to your wine.  Decide which barrel you want, from wood type, toast level, even the producer, in order to achieve your unique style.


Your wine is given its home — with bottle shape, cork size and label designed by you.  Your wine now enters its finishing phase, gently assuming the complexity to which you pre-destined it.


An Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Enology (winemaking) from the Universities of Bordeaux, Tarragona and Porto. Extensive wine knowledge of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

DISCOVER & LOCATEParticipating Vineyards

We travel the world to identify potential collaborators who make one-of-a-kind wines, offer premium service, and are prepared to engage with the type of bespoke attention that our clients require. Following are a few wineries that already collaborate with us.


  • About the VineyardSalvador has been running this family winery for more than 30 years in a steep valley in the Priorat, but he has spent his whole life living with vines.
  • Wine Style & CertificationUsing only organic products their wines exhibit the very typical llicorella for which the Priorat is known; a strong mineral component.
  • Wines & ProcessesMostly known for their red wine and white wine, they use barrels and tanks to produce their wine.

ALFORJA, SPAIN (DO Tarragona)Mas del Botó

  • About the VineyardPep brings a deep understanding of the vines based on a long family tradition together with PhD-level knowledge to develop his flavorful wines. No pesticides or herbicides touch his vineyards -- the local honeybees are a testament to idyllic purity in this secluded valley.
  • Wine Style & CertificationHis wines are complex, with wild notes of chamomile, fennel and licorice with robust ripe fruit.
  • Wines & ProcessesRed wines, aged in oak, on lees, or in demijohn.


  • About the VineyardJoint project between famed enologist Raul Bobet and pharma magnate Sergi Ferrer, Ferrer Bobet is a temple to enological precision. Small batch fermentation for each parcel, the winery uses its extensive and modern facilities to solicit the very best from each vineyard, and blends it to make award-winning wines.
  • Wine Style & CertificationThe wines from Ferrer Bobet are known for their freshness, having remarkable acidity thanks to the high elevation and being located in the northern reaches of the DOQ.
  • Wines & ProcessesRed wines, aged in oak. Small batch fermentation in stainless steel, oak fudres, and concrete tanks.

TALARN, SPAIN (DO Costers de Segre)Castell d'Encus

  • About the VineyardA lifetime of learning and meditation have yielded this bespoke wienry, dedicated to the pursuit of elegant wines in whatever form they take -- including fermenting them directly in the mountainside.
  • Wine Style & CertificationRaul produces whites, sparklings, rosés, light and fullbodied reds from a wide variety of grapes planted at high elevation.
  • Wines & ProcessesWines ferment in stone "cups" hewn into the mountainside by monks of the XIIth century, as well as in barrels and stainless steel tanks. Sparkling wines are made in the ancestral method.
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